I'm Ami


A dog-lover, foodie, imperfect environmentalist, & diy-er

I’m 32, living in South Carolina with my boyfriend of 5 years (Jason) & chocolate lab (Miller). I grew up in rural Virginia and East Tennessee riding four-wheelers, going barefoot, and taking care of chickens. I started my relationship with photography when I was 19, but didn’t have my first semi-professional camera until 21. I was living on the beach in North Carolina at the time and always had great scenery for backdrops. Some of those photos are still my favorites I’ve ever taken. 

I actually took a break from photography while I was in the Air Force; I even sold my camera and lenses. I hoped I’d find my way back to it again. It wasn’t until 6 years later in 2018 that I did. 

Since then I’ve honed in on what I truly enjoy and love to document. I said for years it would be a dream to combine photography and travel, so I focused on hospitality photography for restaurants, hotels, & destinations, never looking back. 

“I grew up in rural Virginia and East Tennessee riding four-wheelers, going barefoot, and taking care of chickens.”

Regardless of where photography takes me… 

I am a firm believer in expanding our horizons by seeking enrichment outside of our comfort zones. I’m from the small town life you hear about, but was never scared to leave it behind. I always knew there was more to see and experience. 

My travels have taken me to the rainforests of Costa Rica, waking up at 5am to the sounds of birds, frogs, & howler monkeys. I’ve chatted with D-Day veterans in a London pub the same day I was chased by a swan in Hyde Park. I’ve roamed the halls of medieval castles in Germany and drank way too many Jäger shots with locals. I’ve walked the cobblestone streets of Rome and had tiramisu in what’s probably the world’s smallest restaurant. I’ve dodged scooters in the Marrakech medina and watched the sun set over desert sand dunes.

Somehow or another, no where has ever felt foreign to me and I’ve never felt out of place. I hope that by being here, you can be inspired to experience new things too and know that home isn’t limited to where you live. 


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