You know those bars designed with luxury and comfort in mind? Fiat Lux in Charleston is that kind of bar.

Nestled at the top of Hotel Bennett in Charleston, South Carolina, Fiat Lux overlooks the famous Marion Square, a cherished landmark of downtown Charleston. People watching at its prime, you’ll see all types of dogs, College of Charleston students enjoying the sun in the grass or playing lawn games, vendors perhaps during the farmer’s market season, and plenty of the Holy City’s skyline accompanied by views of King Street and St. Matthews Lutheran Church.

It is obvious that the design of the hotel was not so selfish to keep it within the confines of its walls; it fortunately was extended to its restaurants and bars alike. Fiat Lux with its deep blue papered walls, symmetrical trim work, and the contrast of the cognac leather furniture is the epitome of luxury.

I think most people know South Carolina experiences a hot and humid summer. Fiat Lux has a solution for those seeking relief from the heat. Though the design is regal in all things considered, the drinks scream modernity such as the Plum Perfect’s Earl Grey garnish. Carefully concocted light cocktails with refreshing citrus notes are sure to provide that much needed mid-day or mid-evening pep in the heat.

My personal favorite, the Plum Perfect. It’s in the name – a perfect blend of plum-infused vodka, fresh lemon, egg white, and an Earl Grey infusion will keep me coming back again and again.

I say Fiat Lux is underrated to mean that it seems it’s forgotten about. This could be due to the weather during our stay, but it’s not as celebrated as its bright and cheery sister bar downstairs, Camellia’s. I encourage experiencing both, however the dark side is always a bit more tempting in my opinion. Underrated or not, Fiat Lux can compete with well-known rooftop establishments in the Holy City any day.