HI, I'M Ami


Here you’ll find travel guides, restaurant reviews, my favorite things I’m dying to share with you, and even my tips for healthy living and creating intentional spaces at home.

I'm Ami

a charleston & Columbia, South Carolina Hospitality, food, & travel photographer.

I work with people who create & value authentic experiences.

My favorite days are behind the camera, capturing details and meeting the people that made them happen. This could mean I’m shooting content for a restaurant’s new seasonal menu or maybe I’m on location working with a hotel. 

Hospitality and travel is more than the food we eat, the places we stay, and things we see. It’s an experience: the way a restaurant’s lighting makes us feel, how our senses awaken with the sights and smells of a new city, when we make connections with people 5,000 miles from home. It’s the  relief when we finally travel to a place that speaks to us. For me, that was Marrakech and Costa Rica. 

I work with brands that value the experience and seek to share theirs with the world. 

Images that tell a story. Videography that transports. An immersion through visual art that intrigues viewers. If this sounds like what you’re looking for,

you’re in the right place


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We’ve compiled our favorite activities, restaurants, and more in this guide to 5 days in La Fortuna, Costa Rica. Sloths, hot springs, tacos, and waterfalls – it’s all here. Grab our free guide to stop worrying and start enjoying the pure vida lifestyle!