The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide



June 14, 2023

It’s about to be Father’s Day and some of us are scratching our heads over gift ideas. Over the years, I’ve gotten Jason some really cool gifts, but occasionally I’m stumped on what to get him. Maybe he’d like those burger themed socks at TJ Maxx or maybe he really needs that newer version of the toolkit he’s had for 10 years. In my house though, I’m the one using the toolkit and neither one of us are wearing burger socks.

Jason’s a photographer and videographer, so as you can imagine he likes a lot of technical gear. However, one feature that I know makes a great gift for him is functionality. If it serves a purpose, especially one that makes life a little easier or convenient, he probably likes it. That’s the inspiration for my ultimate father’s day gift guide – part 1.

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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide – Part 1

1. Laser Level $29


We just got this to use when building our deck and I’m already planning to use its for multiple other projects.



2.  Airifly Pro $54

I don’t know anyone that likes using the disposable headphones on flights. Plug this into the headphone jack instead and connect to your Bluetooth headphones. Enjoy!




3. Retractable Garden Hose $59

This is going to make life so much easier. Install this bad boy and never spend more time un-looping and looping the hose than using it again.




4. Barbecue Tool Set $40

Little did I know how important a good set of grill tools is. Everything you need by a trusted brand, in an organized, aluminum case.




5. Under Sink Water Filtration $51


Hook this up to your kitchen sink and have filtered water for up to a YEAR! No more pitcher sitting on the counter taking up space.



6. Contour Gauge Tool $29


The perfect gadget for those odd cuts. Precision made easy, it even locks in place.




7. Portable Charger & Outlet $99


Probably one of the best gifts I’ve gotten for Jason. It can charge your phone or laptop, but can also jump your car! Get one for each vehicle.



8. Deep Tissue Massage Gun $79


For the Dad that needs some self-care. It comes with 8 different massage heads and has 5 levels of intensity.



The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide – Part 2

No specific theme here, but a few fun(ny) gifts for the dad with a sense of humor or the dad serving up drinks on the weekend.

1. Bamboo Toilet Stool $39


Let’s face it, men take #2 seriously. And as they should because this stool has serious health benefits.




2.  Tushy Bidet $69


This turns any toilet into a bidet. There’s also an option for cold AND hot water.




3. Before-You-Go Spray $9


Add this to Dad’s routine and he’ll be thanking you instead.




4. Electric Mug Warmer $30


Perfect for the office or at home, this handy gadget will keep coffee or tea hot while Dad gets distracted by the kids.



5. Outdoor Portable Cooler $206


Keep this next to the grill or firepit to eliminate running inside for every refill.




6. Golf Ball Pint Glass $25


Tell Dad he’s a “hole in one” with this clever pint glass.




7. Mid-century Bar Accessories $49


It’s one thing to have every tool needed for the bar. It’s another to have them stored neatly in a stylish bamboo stand.



8. Art of Mixology Book $10


Whether he’s a beginner or a crafty cocktail expert, this book has great tips and recipes to impress at the next party.



9. Prada “Ocean” Cologne $96


Get Dad feeling fresh. A great daily cologne or for special events.



The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide – Part 3

I am 100% recommending the projector and accompanying screen, so I obviously had to do a movie/game night theme for this one. Movie nights are the best, but game nights on the big screen are a great way to make sure everyone has a good seat to the game. We have plans to have a movie night in the pool with our set-up!

1. Projector $189


We have this exact model and use it ALL the time. Super simple to use, can connect to bluetooth speakers, and the picture quality is outstanding.



2. Projector Screen $99

Pair your projector with this no crease roll-up screen. It only needs two simple hooks to hang. We have this exact one and couldn’t be happier with it.



3. Amazon Firestick $24

Plug this directly into your projector to access your favorite streaming services or sports games. March Madness anyone?



4. Brumate Trio Koozie $29

Perfect for Summer movie nights, but also for those cozy bonfires in the Fall. Your man will thank you.




5. Olipop Variety Pack $40

All the flavor without the sugar and calories. Once you try the Orange Squeeze, you’re hooked.




6. Firepit $285


Turn any outdoor space into an entertaining spot. Let Dad prop his feet up and liisten to the crackle.




7. Rechargeable Electric Lighter $9


Gone are the days of going to start a fire and learning your lighter is out of fluid.




8. Kettle Corn $21 (4 x 7oz. bags)

It can’t be a party night without popcorn! Comes in multiple flavors, but can’t go wrong with kettle corn.





Maybe all Dad needs is a good night’s rest. Check out how the product that changed my life and how I finally started getting quality sleep. 


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